PostBase Vision Semi-Auto

PostBase Vision Semi-Auto Postage Meter

PostBase® Vision Semi-Auto

Postage Meter

Simple to use, stylish and affordable it’s the perfect companion for smaller mailers.

  • Connected to MyFP Customer Portal
  • Vision360 analytics and reporting
  • Combine with FP Parcel Shipping

Intuitive Touchscreen

Simple to use with a large color touchscreen so that any operator can process mail with ease.

Easy connectivity

LAN and built-in Wi-Fi make the connection process as simple as using your cell phone.

PostBase Vision Semi-Auto Postage Meter

USPS® Postal Services

Full selection of USPS® rates and custom shortcuts plus parcel DIM rating capability.

Powered by MyFP

Full online management of your mailing system, support and access to digital products and services.