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FP Parcel Shipping

Ship. Track. Save.

FP Parcel Shipping is a simple, step-by-step, online shipping application that allows mailers to create shipping labels with tracking, qualify for discounted USPS® rates and manage shipments with end-to-end real-time tracking.

Full tracking visibility

You can manage and track packages with easy search tracking dashboard. Plus, FP Parcel Shipping will automatically email recipients the tracking and parcel information for better customer service.

Multi-carrier options

This scalable solution offers the ability to add UPS®, FedEx® and DHL providing the ability to compare shipping options across carriers making it easy to select the best rate for the date and time the parcel needs to be delivered.


Guided by the intuitive ship wizard, shipments are quickly created with ease.


Online dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of all shipments by status. Recipients can receive tracking information by email.

FP Parcel Shipping


Qualifies for significantly discounted USPS® commercial and CPP pricing. Rate shopping ensures selecting the best rates.

Get the best rates!

USPS® Commercial Plus Pricing saves up to 40% on Priority Mail® and up to 16% on Priority Mail® Express. Plus, gain access to USPS® cubic rates.